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Arashi's Food Edition and more OmiyaSK Rabu...

March 29th, 2006 (09:20 pm)

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motto motto Ohmiya SK rabu-rabu desu... Nino-chan's playing with ri-da's goatee!!

智くん、またボーとしてはダメだよ!Why are you spacing out again??!!

Sho-kun..... do u miss Nino-chan??! Yay... he's finally got Nino-chan all to himself now...... (and let me go all fangirly and say that Sho looks GREAT in this mago episode... in fact he is looking better and better these days...)

30 Qns for Arashi.. The Food Edition

Q6.  Is the speed at which you eat your food fast?

Jun:  Its so fast that it is a bit worrisome. Occasionally, I have someone tell me, that I eat at the speed of someone who has not eaten in a week. (bitter laugh)
Nino:  My manager tells me that I eat fast. Becos my manager is slow, even if I finish my food I cannot get out of the shop. (bitter laugh)
Aiba:  Fast. Esp with the food that can be eaten easily. I am really fast . I think I eat the fastest among my friends. 
Ohno: Fast. I like to eat with great vigour and spirit. (don't we all know that..XD)
Sho: Fast. When I was in high school, I would eat food like I was drinking it. I would spend the entire 50 minutes of lunch break eating. 

Q7.  Please tell us what you had for dinner last nite. 

Jun:  I went to the Maguro-ya (Tuna shop) and had maguro sashimi, maguro tempura and maguro set meal.
Nino: I didn't have time, so I didn't eat anything. (that is why u are so skinny, Nino-chan!)
Aiba:  Yakiniku bento
Ohno: I was filming on location for a Mago episode and had deer meat. Although it was a cooked over a BBQ, it was soft and didn't have any smell. It was delicious.
Sho:  I ate miso soup, fried egg and sashimi at home. 

Q8:  What kind of food does spring remind you of?

Jun: Springtime vegetables. The fresh veggies of spring are really delicious. I was surprised that even the hardest parts of the Takenoko (bamboo shoots) are delicious. 
Nino:  Its simple isn't it? But I don't have interest in food. To me, I would like to say Sakura Mochi. (laughs)
Aiba: Takenoko. When you put it into miso soup, it is delicious. 
Ohno: Takenoko. Last year, I went to my friend's house and we ate just that. We BBQ-ed it on the narrow verandah and ate it there. This year, I also want to eat it this year...
Sho:  For me, I think hotpot is delicious. Therefore, even if it is spring, I still wish to eat hotpot. If its hotpot, anything is fine. 

Q9:  What is the flavour which you associate your mom with?

Jun:  Hotpot and Miso soup. More than the cooking utensils you use to cook the miso soup, its  how the dashi (soup stock) is extracted and how much miso is used that will make the taste different. 
Nino: Probably Curry. Its not really special, just normal curry. But its not something that I really like.
Aiba: Takenoko in Miso Soup. I haven't really eaten Takenoko miso elsewhere. Its not limited just to Takenoko miso, the miso soup I eat elsewhere is different from the taste of the miso soup which I eat at home. 
Ohno: Cream Stew.
Sho:  Shimeji (mushroom) and Tako (octopus), fried together.

Q10:  What are the types of food which you have become able to eat when you became an adult?

Jun:  Onions, Peppers and carrots. Last time, I hated eating vegetables. Somehow, I couldn't eat the vegetables that were found in a vinegared pork dish.  But now, I have no problem.
Nino:  None, things that I hate i think it is ok to continue to hate them.  And I don't even think of taking on the challenge to try to get over my hatred for these foods. I don't know the meaning of challenge. (XD I love this guy.)
Aiba:  Eggplant and Shiso( type of plant). Its not that I cannot eat it entirely, I just didn’t like it before, but now there is no problem. 
Ohno: I hate peppers, but now I think that they are delicious. With eggplant, if its cooked Mabo style, I will be able to eat it.
Sho:  Lots of things: cod Roe, Shioyaki (seafood cooked in salt),Bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms. Even with the chinese cabbage, I would only eat the leaves, but now I like to eat the core of the cabbage. 

Q11: Even if you are adult, what types of food you still cannot get over eating?

Jun: Corriander, Celery, mitsuba leaf
Nino:  Shellfish. I hate them 100%. From Sazae to scallops to ark shells, I can't eat all these. 
Aiba: Nothing.
Ohno: Nothing. I am able to eat everything. 
Sho:  PakuChee and Japanese Ginger. I have become able to eat everthing except these two things, which are still impossible for me to eat. 

Q12:   What are the foods which you end up buying at the convenience store?

Jun:  Yoghurt and Sausage. For the yoghurt, depending on my mood, I might buy those with fruit in it or just plain yoghurt. 
Nino: OZACK!!
Aiba: I don't buy food. I only buy magazines. (I am reminded of Aiba's line in Sakura Sake: Combini de zashi tachi yomishiteta..... yappari he's singing about himself... XD)
Ohno:Oden. I will buy the egg and shirataki (type of noodles) The chikuwa is a must (cylindrical boiled fish paste). I add alot of mustard and I end up being "steamed" ie its too spicy.
Sho:Soya Bean Milk.  When I did Yankee Hokou ni kairu, I would buy soya bean milk before I went to the location. Since then, it has become a daily routine. 

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