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7th Year Anniversary Interview - Popolo Nov 06

October 2nd, 2006 (03:35 pm)

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They get better at crack with every passing year.... 

Q and A from the latest Popolo...

 Q1: Which member has grown-up the most?


Jun: I have grown up, because now when I greet people, I take off my sunglasses.  (everybody laughs)


Sho: Ah, so that is a sign of maturity….(laughs)


Aiba: Last time you were sometimes bad…(laughs)


Nino: Yeah, you have become more well-rounded. (laughs)


Jun:  And also, I have come to like communication with other people. Previously, I really hated it. It was because I used to work on individual projects by myself.


Sho: That is important.  Even when the 5 of us are together, its still ok if we don’t really talk to each other,  if you are just alone, you cannot even talk to anyone even if you wanted to.  


Jun: Ri-da- is the same as before, he doesn’t talk at all when we are together right?


Aiba: Even if he doesn’t say much, he talks a lot during drinking parties (laughs)


Jun: Its not because of the effect of the alcohol, its because he just likes drinking parties. During drinking parties, he will just be talking to people that he doesn’t know, just like they are old friends…..


Sho: Yeah yeah….. he was talking to some big shot from the TV station and they were really in deep conversation, then, after the event was over he told that guy “ Next time, let’s go for food and drinks!!!” like they were old friends.


Captain:  I didn’t know that he was a big shot.  But when I was talking to him during that party, we got on pretty well….


Jun: But that is Ri-da-‘s good point ne.


Sho:  Conversely, Nino-chan is the one that has not changed at all during these 7 years.


Nino: That should be Sho-chan, instead, right? When I look at the TV, Sho-chan’s opinions and character has not changed.


Sho: Recently, I have become the “da-me, da-me”( I can’t do it!) character on TV ~(bitter laugh)  Its time for people to learn about my real character.


Aiba:  Its wrong, isn’t it?  Revealing your (da-me da-me) character after 7 years have passed… (laughs)


Nino: Yeah, but actually, I think it has been one of the worst kept secrets. (laughs)



Sho: That is strange~ (bitter laugh).  What I really remember is that during the interviews we gave when we debuted, we were asked the question: “What are your dreams, as Arashi?”  Each of us gave various answers, but Nino, his consistent answer was just,  “I don’t have any dreams.”  XD (that is so Nino!!). Maybe, if you ask him the question now, he will also give the same answer. I think somehow he has not changed at all.


Jun: Even tho he was new to the business, he has no “fresh and enthusiastic” attitude. (laughs). I think he’s been like that since we started out.


Q2.  Who is the most enigmatic member?


Nino: I think the person who has the most mysterious private life is Jun-kun.


Jun: ME?!! I lead a pretty normal life!!!


Nino: For example, when you check the water in the bath, I wonder, “what on earth are you doing!!”


Sho:  Yeah, I somehow get the feeling that he is talking to himself a lot. While he is testing the water in the bath, he will talk to himself like “Its hot..!! What the hell is this!?”


(everybody laughs)


Captain: Yeah, what you say is right. Even when the five of us are together, he will be talking to himself.


Nino: Yeah. And he is loud also, when he is talking to himself.


Jun: So I talk to myself a lot ne. Sometimes, I will also answer the questions I ask myself.


(everybody laughs)


Aiba: Aren’t you lonely if you talk to yourself?


Jun: No, its enjoyable! Its like I make up a script by myself and play it out in my head…(laughs)


Ohno: Ah!! I understand what you mean!


Jun: Its like when I am watching TV. One part of me will go “That probably cannot happen” and the other part will go “but then again….”


Sho: Its like “Matsumoto” and “Jun”  talking to each other right?


Ohno: Matsu-ni (Tokio’s Matsuoka) is also like that.  He will also have a discussion with the TV.


Nino: But Jun-kun’s situation is different. He will say something and then furthermore, he will have an argument with  himself about what he just said.


Ohno:  Is it like the MatsuJun who wants to sleep but cannot allow himself to sleep?  He’ll keep talking to himself like “Shall I sleep?” :No way, you cannot sleep!!”


Jun: hahahaha… (laughs)  Of course, I talk to myself more when I am by myself.


(everybody laughs)


Sho: Previously, we found Satoshi-kun the more mysterious one, but now, we have accepted that part of him will remain mysterious, just because he is Ohno Satoshi.


Nino:  So, being mysterious is just normal for him. The things that I want to know about him have faded away. (laughs)


Aiba: But, don’t you want to see what Captain does during his holidays? Like how he is when he is going off on his holiday and really where does he go for his holidays?


Nino:  Previously he went to an onsen with his friend, right?  Your friend brought you there right? 


Captain: I went by myself..


Everybody : EH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Captain: I went just by myself.


Jun:  I can’t imagine that~ ! Well talking about it, you seem to  occasionally go to places like Roppongi for drinks – who do you go with?


Captain: Many times, I hang out with old ladies and old people.


Aiba: WAH…. That is even more mysterious!!!


Jun:  But if I can see it from my point of view,  all the members are mysterious. I don’t know everything of them and it’s good to have some sort of a distance between ourselves.



Q3. Which member has become the most sexy?


Nino: If you are talking about who is  sexy, it has to be Ohno Satoshi…… (XD XD XD)


Aiba: Yeah, no mistake about that.


Sho:  I think he looks good in a moustache!


Captain: Well, if you are talking Sexy, it has to be Matsumoto-kun right?  (Points at Jun) Just look at his appearance!  You totally couldn’t see it 7 years ago.


Jun: Well, Ri-da-, you were sexy previously ne. (laughs)


Sho:  Satoshi-kun, he was most sexy about 1 year before Arashi was formed. (laughs0


Captain: Yes, 7 years have passed and now, there is not even a fragment of Sexiness anymore…. Well, now that you are talking about it, all the parts of me that were sexy, I have given it all Matsumoto-kun.  My position as the sexiest one, I have yielded it to MatsuJun.


Nino: Ah I see… well certainly that is correct, I think.


Captain: But, Matsujun, when we first started, he was like the one that was incharge of the humour.


Jun:  Talking about that, that was what I said….


Sho: Wah~ you said something like I am  MatsuJun .who is in charge of comedy. (laughs)


Aiba:  When we first debuted, we each had an area where we would be in charge of .


Jun: Ri-da- was in charge of singing, Nino was in charge of performance and Sho was in charge of studying……..


Sho: Yah, I was like the tuition teacher… (laughs)


Aiba:  What was I in charge of?


Sho: Weren’t you in-charge of “genkiness”? (laughs)  Now you are in charge of comedy together with Ohno-san right?


Aiba: Well, (looks at Ohno) we are really serious about it right?


Captain: Yeah, that is right, it a difficult job.


Sho: But looking at the photos from yesteryear, our hairstyles have not charged very much right?


Jun: Well, since we are talking about it, the other day, Aiba-chan’s hair was very flat right?  When I saw it and his face,  I thought he had not changed from before…


Nino: Aiba-san has not changed since he was young ne.


Aiba: I have looked old since I was young ne (laughs)


Ohno: I have changed. I say it myself, but I think I have gone back to my youth.


Sho: Satoshi-kun has gotten more manly, I think.


Q4: Which member has become the one that is the best speaker?


Jun:  A member of the staff said “Aiba-chan has learnt to talk during filming of TV programmes” Previously, he used to work very hard at it but all of what he said couldn’t be aired! (bitter laugh)


Aiba: Yes, yes, I have been told that clearly many times…. (bitter laugh)


Sho:  The staff can see it very well, ne. Aiba-chan, he has also come to be able to talk during the MC in concerts. 


Aiba: Yes, I have been able to think of what I want to say. But then, compared to me last time, I have become more quiet in the dressing room….


 Nino: Is that so!? The only time you are not talking in there is when you are playing games. But you don’t say much when you are in the car getting from place to place.


Sho: This time, we are moving around in 4 different cars, but if all the 5 of us are in the same car, we are really noisy……Satoshi-kun will stick his leg out of the car’s sun roof…. (laughs)


Captain: When we went to Tokyo FM, ne. That happened during that time.  But recently, I have not had that kind of idea. When we are moving around, I am always sleeping.


Sho:  During that time, the five of us we doing “Arashi On”  radio programme ne.  I want to do that again…..


Aiba: I also want to do it.. That was the most interesting.


(Me too!! I want them to do it again, even if just for once!!)


Sho:  Well, whatever the case is, these 7 years have passed in a flash. In the same flow of things, it will soon be our tenth year.


Aiba: When we debuted, getting to our 10 anniversary was something that was pretty far away.. Going forward, what would happen if we got into arguments with other members?


Nino:  Well, if the guy that you are arguing with apologies, then it will be ok right?


Jun: That is too normal…..


Nino: Occasionally it will be good if we got into a punch up.  Someone told me that before…


Sho:  But now, to try to pick a fight with each other, it is somewhat surreal.


Jun: I think I will burst out laughing if I grabbed hold of their chest.


Sho: I will be holding the camera. (laughs) going   “Hey you, don’t do such a terrible show of punching up someone!”


Nino: Somehow I think the topic of the fight will be tacky…(laughs)


Aiba: Like a performer…


Captain: But I would just like to have on experience where we try punching each other up ne.. (laughs)









Posted by: miss m (renrui)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 06:04 am (UTC)

7 years omedetou.. can't wait for their 10th year :)

Posted by: 「DUNADAN」 (xanderave)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 06:18 am (UTC)

Nai nai nai! Don't punch each other and become like kt.

Their crack is in a whole different league now. It used to be individual opinions but now their talk can merge with one another.



We KNOW there was another side to Shochi - the true Shomame-side lol.

Posted by: aishoni (aishoni)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 07:24 am (UTC)
cute o-chan

i was having a hard time not to laugh out laugh, now my abs muscle hurt.

Jun talks to himself LIKE ME!!! never thought we would hav anything incommon :p

Posted by: piNk drAgON (baka_power)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 07:29 am (UTC)

!!! thx for translation!~
that's it? i hope there's more!~
and i was ROFLMAO w/ ohno passing his sexiness to jun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol~
but man~ ohno has been so sexy these days!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: sumoboy (sumoboy)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 08:47 am (UTC)

err... that's it.. only 4 questions... ^^

captain has his own brand of sexiness which doesn't really show up until the starts singing or dancing....

Posted by: dream_raine (dream_raine)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 12:29 pm (UTC)

haha...and Aiba is a really good talker during MC

Posted by: moony (moonymoo)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 02:11 pm (UTC)

captain's sexiness is so sexy <3

lol xD


Posted by: green_forest (green_forest)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 02:39 pm (UTC)
nino nyeh

LOL another pure crack from Arashi XDD

Captain: Many times, I hang out with old ladies and old people.

ahahhahaha lucky people XDD

Posted by: kiapkiap (kiapkiap)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 02:42 pm (UTC)

thanks for the translation~ hilarious (>_<)

that makes another mag i hv to buy ... haven't bought it so far cos jun's hair looked v salah if i remember correctly. the Wink Up one was also terrible... makes me feel like writing email to him and ask "ah boy... what are you doing with your hair lah?!"

Posted by: gemplee (gemplee)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 05:05 pm (UTC)

ruckily his hair is not salah liao. he looks damn fine in the korea asia song fest. demo u may have to wait for another 1 or 2 issues for his beautiful un-salah hair.

Posted by: sumoboy (sumoboy)
Posted at: October 3rd, 2006 05:05 am (UTC)
Nino and Jun

yah go and buy, its a good issue with nice big pictures....

Posted by: Elaine Serena (moonprincess87)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 03:19 pm (UTC)
Arashi is LOVE

Hehe~ The boys are really funny! Thanks for translating! (^_^)

Posted by: wildcherry012 (wildcherry012)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 03:31 pm (UTC)

I can always count on them to make me laugh. Thanks for the translation. I love Ohno sexiness. I want to go out drinking with him.

Posted by: gemplee (gemplee)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 05:22 pm (UTC)

sumoboy, thank you for the translation. **hugs**

Posted by: nanami72 (nanami72)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 07:06 pm (UTC)

thank you so much for translating! *^-^* arashi is hilarious and very healthy, ne!!

Posted by: Apple (apple1881)
Posted at: October 3rd, 2006 03:30 am (UTC)
Arashi rainbow

Thanks for the translation! MatsuJun has definately gotten much sexier, even if he talks to himself a lot. XD

Posted by: alkithilien (alkithilien)
Posted at: October 3rd, 2006 09:33 am (UTC)

hahaha Ohno as the sexiest... for me yeah... but honestly... even I find Aiba or Sho or Jun more sexy than him... only Nino is less sexy than Ri-da XDDDDD and the last idea of punching themselves... they watched HYD one time to much XD
But I love this interview :33333 so so so so soooooo much!

Thx for good job :*

Posted by: Which to bury - you or the hatchet? (starrynitex)
Posted at: October 5th, 2006 03:47 pm (UTC)
to roppongi we go~!

Captain: Many times, I hang out with old ladies and old people.

we are so gonna dress up as obaaaaaaasan next time we go japan!! (^^;)
thanks so much for the translations!

Posted by: makino_sanbr (makino_sanbr)
Posted at: October 9th, 2006 10:42 pm (UTC)

Can laugh here..
I can't make noise...
People will think that i'm crazy laught alone with the computer!!!!
But it's too much XDDDDDD~~
Oh god!
Ohno passing his sexiness to jun..
Ohno drink with obaasans O_O
The secret of chesto reveled!!!
Oh god!
Thank you for your hard work!
Can i ask you if i can translate this to portuguese and put in my blog that is dedicated to Arashi?

Posted by: ninorin106 (ninorin106)
Posted at: September 17th, 2017 02:40 pm (UTC)

thank you

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