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Notice: Going Semi-friends only

I have had several problems over the past month with my photobandwidth being exceeded, so I have decided to go semi-friends. From now on, all photos will be placed under Friends only posts.
Normal text only posts will remain as they are. If you want to remain in my friends list, please leave a message.

If you have never commented before and I have no idea who you are, sorry, thanks for lurking.
If I have sort of remembered that you have commented before, I'll add you to the list. 
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Vol111 Karute


It's me.

Right smack in the middle of shooting Kamisama no Karute.

Right now, I am on my way to Nagano, but the highway is closed.

So since I have to get to Nagano anyway, here I am,at Nagasaka station , heading to Nagano by myself.(shows picture of a snow covered train station)

The snow covered scenery! Now I embark on my one man journey!

Well, right now, I spend half my week in Matsumoto in Nagano.

Many a time, the local people say to me ' hey are you shooting Kamisama no karute' when I am having a meal.

I would not be exaggerating if I call this my second or third home.

(Well, I also have Kisarazu) Hahahaha


How did you pass your time in Matsumoto?

(I know you didn't ask)

Well everyday it was shooting, continuously, day and night.
Well all I did was.......
I went with my manager to the hot springs..

And with my manager for meals

And with my manager for movies

And with my manager to the Matsumoto Museum

(Hey, is this guy really working?)

Needless to say, my manager is a guy.

And last night, it finally got to the stage where, the both of us were sitting at the counter nursing our booze over a plate of horse meat , and we didn't have any conversation at all.

I felt like we were getting tired of each other.
(Whatever, who cares, you might say)

Jokes aside, (when will this guy stop his joking?)

It's been a month and a half since we started shooting.

And everyday in between whatever gap I have, I will think about how to make the best of my Matsumoto life.

Right, since it would be a waste not to,at this point, let me show you some shots if the beautiful scenery I took.
(Shows three pictures if snow clad mountains and buildings)
Here you go. Enjoy.

Ok I shall go back to filming.
m(_ _)m

Sakurai Sho
(As Kurihara Ichito)

With the matsuri scene at the jinja today, seems like this will be the last of the Matsumoto shoots. Unlike #1, where crank up was in Matsumoto, seems like #2 will crank up in Kanto.

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Vol 110 2013

We are already well into the new year.

I look to your support this year too.


I also wrote about it in "Ura-Arashi" - the popcorn tour finished without a hitch.

We had the wrap up party  for the staff and the people appearing in the concert, the night before the last concert.

What we heard was that there were more than 260 people.

When I heard that, I felt really touched that we were being supported by so many people; when what actually u see on stage is the 5 of us, juniors and the band only.

For the wrap up party, the staff brought the flags which had fluttered in the wind during the Kokuritsu concert and put it up at the venue for decoration.

I could feel the love right to the smallest detail.

from the very quiet person right to the person you would want to avoid if you meet him on the street by accident (laughs)

There are all types of people, but its really marveling when you think that all these people are the "root of all the smiles" of everyone in the concert.

So, in short, good job everyone!!

Well well

This guy is well into shooting his movie.

Yes. "Kamisama no Karute 2". We had some time during the scenes, so i went for a meal with my manager.

And my first "Karute meal" was...... Kimchi Hot Pot!!

Yes.!! It has ze~ro relation to things about Nagano.

Sorry, but it was really freezing, so I was drawn to something warm like that.

The shooting is still going on, so I will keep on going up there.

After about two years, I am Kurihara Ichito again.

Its like the joy of "meeting an old friend"

Please wait for it.

So, once again.

I look to your support in 2013 again.

Sakurai Sho (as Kurihara Ichito)

PS. at the end of last year, I was told many times by friends
"I received some mail from someone who is impersonating you"(laughs)

I am not one so brave who will approach a stranger to discuss matters nor am I that sociable.            (dont we all know that ;P)

I have nothing to do with the person who is impersonating me, nor his so-called "manager" and the emails from them. So please be careful.

Thank you.

Sakurai Sho.

Sho-chan, that email has been doing its rounds for ages, and you only found out end of last year? . Well, better late than never. Good job on the warning!

My personal observation: I seriously think he has gotten on twitter, with the things he has been saying and doing. After saturday's show and all the tweets complimenting his flying kiss and ability to finally understand the true meaning of fan service. He gave us a nice big surpirse on Sunday during his solo.  The person notoriously known to not give more than Queen Mother waves and Bolt impersonations, has thrown a flying kiss on the big screen?  WOW. I was totally dumbfounded. I couldn't believe my eyes. OMG, could it be true? could it be for real?  that this guy..... he has finally learnt or remembered what fan service is.....  O_O

(expectations bloom for the next tour :P)

Since we are on the topic of expectations for the next tour, I would like to list down my comments/Questions for Sakurai-san regarding the 2012 concerts and my wishlist for 2013 concerts.

1) put on that solo con towel during encore again, please. And earing too, if you can. If the earhole closed, use a fake one, we would never know, because we would have fainted with estacy  in seeing that sho towel and earing combination.  
2) No need to stand like a 校長先生during the final greetings, its ok to laugh and move around when the members make a joke
3) no need to 格好つける so much all the time, you can goof off and give us something more than waves and Bolt impersations. Peace signs will also be well received. Flying kisses would be welcomed with open arms. If you can come out with an original one instead of borrowing from Aiba we would be too eternally grateful.
4)  That pair of jeans with the arashi logos is really cute. Can you wearing it occasionally during encores again next tour? Please pretty please?
5)  Hair style - I like way it was styled during Tokyo dome, and the Nagoya one is ok too, with the Kamiyama wave for effect. But not the Osaka or Sapporo one. Bonus points if you tuck the hair behind your ear - 120 points.
6) Keep that smirk you have at the begining of Troublemaker. Its cute and hot.
7) Eyebrows - Nagoya I know no choice because of Ichi-san. can we have your eyebrows with the angle and width in Osaka and Sapporo next tour?
8)  What was with the  やん? throughout the tour? 
9)  That slow rolling of arms after your rap in Cosmos. That is downright weird. can you please feedback to the 振付師?
10) Nice idea on the catapults during the solo! I like it! Good thing your souveniers from Vietnam were put into good use! The english subtitling was perfect too. Good job! But, if we wave our "penlights in the air like we just dont care", we might risk whacking the other person on the head. 
11) That encore t-shirt, i like your pattern!
12) Continue jumping like a mad man at the chorus of Zekouchouchou. Its amusing to watch. Even more so if you have the towel wrapped on your head.
13) I see that you stopped that posing dance with Nino at the end of "My Girl" お疲れ様でした。 
14) My choice seat for Sakurai watching this tour:  1st base side, front stands, infront of the middle of the left hamamichi.

And for the Popcorn/Arafes  tour my likes/dislikes/comments/wishlist/questions

1) The waterfall effect was innovative and good. and the projection on the wall of water. nice effect, especially the ones just before the intro into Face Down. (The tunnel effect one). Great to know that the trip to NY was fruitful.
2) The kirakira streamers - not writing the venue is good, it prevents people selling venue streamers on the net. Just keep to the colours
3) we dont need picture books with cartoons as the special gift for the Limited Edition CD. It was totally useless. We want picture books with lots of you on it or behind the scenes DVD.
4)  can we have that small handkerchief like the one in arafes? that was brilliant, it was cute and useful.
5) Keep up with the number of concerts, it lessens the pressure on ticket battles. This year can we have more if possible, instead? You guys have more than1.3 million members in the FC...
6)  Greeting moved to 2nd encore, instead of end of main program. It makes it less heavy, i like that.
7)  Why did you change the order of the final greeting in Nagoya?
8)  I like the colourful opening costume with the pom pom tassles and the face down ones which will strip down  to the white shirts during Oh yeah! Those colour nike sneakers with the down sleeveless jackets after the MC are great too.
9)  The coloured fires during face down at centre stage. Impressive , nice touch.
10)  Matsumoto-san and his striptease show. Hmmmmm. We all need a funk.
11) Choreography by Leader: of all the songs i like Superfresh most. It really reeks of his touch and its really cute.  I hope he continues to cheoreograph next tour.

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It's me.

Right in the middle of the third day of our first four-day Tokyo Dome tour.

And right in the middle of this it was announced that Kamisama no karute will be back.

It's been about two years since we shot the first one. I am very happy to be able to again play Ichito sensei.

We're meeting regularly about this.

It's still a long way to opening day but please look forward to it.



Thank you for your support in 2012

From the nazo toki ha dinner no atode special
London Olympics
24 hour TV

It was a really back to back packed schedule.

We should both be giving ourselves pats on our backs for all our hard work.

And so there is the kohaku on the 31st

We still have not finished with 2012!
It can't finish yet!!

Right until the last second.

Please keep supporting us.


Don't forget to cast your vote for the election .

Sakurai Sho

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Vol 108 One month


Its me.

As winter slowly but surely approaches, how are you doing out there?

I wasnt sure if I should bring out my "for all purposes and occasions" jacket , so I threw on a thick jacket over my T-shirt.
This is my little half step dash everyday to stay ahead of the approaching winter.

(Just wear it, will you?)

On the other hand.

With the announcement of the Kohaku, along came the usual interviews...

and starting with the "Best Artist" , rehearsals and meetings for the year end music show specials have begun

I have entered into the" year end" mode!!

and in between, attended two meetings for the after party of a friend"s wedding.

( I have a fulfilling private and public life)

This is how i pass my days right now.

And the most often thing these days are the concert rehearsals.

after Arafes, it was full steam ahead for the preparations.

Well, it starts tomorrow.

When was it that we did the album recording? Summer?

Or before summer?

I really cant remember when we did that, but the day has arrived for us to present it. 

I hope you will enjoy it.

So at this juncture,

I would like to yell out my feelings once again.

From tomorrow,
The popcorn will burst!!

Thank you!

Sakurai Sho

Frankly, after that super childish picture book in the limited edition, J shooting his drama and that oversized ugly rugby ball shaped strape, my expectations for this tour are rather low. We'll find out soon enough tomorrow.

Chibi Nino and Sho

Ticket for Exchange

Letting go:

Either Nov 16th Osaka 1 ticket
or Nov 17th Osaka 1 ticket

Looking for:
Tokyo Dome Dec 14th or 16th 1 ticket

Interested Parties, please PM me. thanks

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