August 29th, 2009

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We look back, with gratitude, we look forward, with hope and expectation

Looking back, its been a great 10 years. And so, naturally, we ask oursevles, 'what is next?' and although we have not explicitly confirmed this, I believe the natural answer, from both for us and our fans, would be 'Going forward, let's continue to make our journey together.' 

We don't want our fans to think that these 10 years is it and we stop here. My wish is for fans to continue to say 'Yes, we will continue to support you and continue this journey with you.'
- Sakurai Sho '5x10 Tour pamphlet'

'Thank you, and let's move onwards together ' was the general message of the concert. I sort of understand why the tickets went to generally people who had been fans for a long time. The songs, the costumes, there was alot of memory in there, it was like a trip down memory lane for both the fans and them.

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