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sumoboy [userpic]

May 16th, 2006 (09:58 pm)

current mood: crazy
current song: Arashi - Harukaze Sneakers


My first day of work yesterday was -_-
Forced smiles and fake laughter. I hate being fake... 
I had to remind myself that I was there becos of Arashi..... ^_^  (Arashi no tame ni watashi ga iru)
i hate the first day of work!
And I couldn't surf openly...but at least I can msn....今 MSN 大募集中。。
Looking for msn chat buddies during the work day.... Let's alleviate boredom together... Add me..^_^

This is the one that I have left out for some time in all that kitto daijyoubu hype...

 Thanks to seraphik

Eating out, claywork, Karaoke, Aiba-chan, Rainbow Trout!



He sang an Enka(traditional Japanese song) at the karaoke,,

He has lived a meaningful live everyday since finishing his first solo live concert. The encounters that Ohno has met, like with claywork and Rainbow Trout, we get much information about what our ri-da is up to.



Spring Encounter No.1

I wanted to make a new discovery and enthusiastically went for a meal outside.


Recently, I have been going out to eat with my friends. Previously I thought it was very troublesome, but now, if circumstances allow, I want to be able to talk to people as much as possible. Probably, when you speak to people, you will make many discoveries. The other time, for my solo concert, for the ideas to flow, I think you must be able to feel the necessity of “Discovery”.  Thanks to the fact that I am enthusiastically going out, I also managed to fulfill my promise successfully that I made 3 years ago to my friend to have a meal with him (laughs).  We just merely went to a place like an izakaya and when we had out meal, I immediately became sleepy.  I had no choice and decided to take a 15 min nap but when I woke up, 2 hours had already passed without me realizing it. (bitter laugh)


Spring Encounter No. 2


Becos I have time, I am doing clay work with much zeal at home!


I had some time after my solo live concerts, and started working on the clay work that I had wanted to do.  I would put some silicon into a mould which I had made from clay and the shape of what I wanted to make would take shape.  When the silicon hardened, I would takeoff the clay mould, and then do the main procedure, ie pouring synthetic resin over the figure. I am not good at this. When I was pouring the resin, air  bubbles got in and the final product was not beautiful. Therefore, this takes up more time and effort that just drawing pictures, but I find doing clay work more enjoyable now.  The works made out of clay, they are just as surreal as the drawings that I do. The pictures that I draw, they have the ability to be more three-dimensional than some pieces of the clay work and I find this interesting.


Spring Encounter No. 3


After how many years? Its been a while since I went to a karaoke and when I did, I passionately sang an Enka. (Jap traditional song)


I went to the karaoke with my friend, something that I had not done for some time.  We had being saying since some time back that we wanted to go, but previously since I did not like to get out much, that appointment was never realized.  So, since we didn’t have any special songs to sing in mind, we just closed our eyes and flipped the song book until we said “stop” and where our fingers were pointing to, that would be the songs that we were to sing. (laughs).  So when we did that, somehow, we ended up with an enka but we decided to sing it properly. For some reason or another, it was really enjoyable singing that song. In contrast, as for the recent hit songs, I wonder why we couldn’t sing it that well….


Spring Encounter No. 4


Its Nostalgic! Me and Aiba-chan, the relaxed duo!


Recently, I have been doing a lot of work with Aiba-chan.  When I think about it, this combination is rare. Even for the location shoots of Mago Mago Arashi, Aiba-chan and myself, we don’t really appear together. Therefore, when we were on location for mago mago,  we begin to remember old times and said “ ah, when the two of us are together, this is the feeling..”  That is to say, when Aiba-chan and myself are a duo, the feeling between us is relaxed.  The strange thing is, the atmosphere of the location shoot will be different, depending on the combination between the members.  On top of that, before the location shoot, when I went picking strawberries, I could eat less strawberries that I thought I could, and that surprised me. When eating the strawberries, you would get full pretty quickly.  If picking strawberries is like that,  then if you pick peaches or apples, you will only be able to eat only one, ne.


Spring Encounter No. 5


The experience of eating rainbow trout on the verandah of my friend’s home was great!


I basically like BBQs, whenever, I have time, I will go to a certain friend’s house and have a BBQ on his verandah, but everytime we would do it at the same place, and this time, we BBQed rainbow trout.  I stayed overnight at his house, and when I woke up the next morning, my friend said “ I bought Rainbow trout”.  Altho I thought ‘ I just woke up, and I  have to immediately eat rainbow trout? What is this?” when we BBQed and ate it, it was very delicious. It was a great breakfast! (laughs).  We had this with BBQed leek. My friend grew leeks on that verandah and so, when we were sitting there, and we thought it would be good for us so we BBQ-ed it. Whilst we were BBQ-ing, it started to rain, but we just opened our umbrellas and continued to BBQ. (laughs).



Reminder: Oricon Style release May 19th. Arashi on the cover. 
The theme, 五人でいればキット大丈夫。(It is surely ok if the 5 of us are together)
Apparently the interview was pretty interesting. If someone can put up the clear scans asap, I'll translate it asap!! ^_^



Posted by: dream_raine (dream_raine)
Posted at: May 16th, 2006 03:22 pm (UTC)

Ahh so cute...Oh-chan is the best and he's quite sociable ne...

Oricon Style!! arrggghhhh

Posted by: dream_raine (dream_raine)
Posted at: May 16th, 2006 03:23 pm (UTC)

oh yah I shall add you to my msn...lol

Posted by: 「DUNADAN」 (xanderave)
Posted at: May 16th, 2006 03:47 pm (UTC)
智 !

Yup! Oricon Style. The reports about it seem very positive. And it's true - certainly all right when all 5 are together.

Wahahahaha! Enka *cough* I would love to hear Arashi try Enka out with Kanjani8.

Crack + Crack = Infinite Crack

I want to see his clay work! XD I keep thinking of Kachang in "Yasashii Jikan" and imagining Ohchan asking for tips and them discussing.

Woot! BBQ rocks. I want BBQ trout too.

Posted by: sumoboy (sumoboy)
Posted at: May 16th, 2006 09:08 pm (UTC)

I don't think Nino did any claywork outside Yasashikan! (now u have given me images of omiyaSK like in a pose like "Ghost?" er... O_O)

I can just imagine ri-da with an umbrella, BBQ-ing. I can't imagine that Jun would do it willingly,but ri-da, yeah.

Posted by: r j00 teh nwe pimp l0rdz? (ryoko293)
Posted at: May 16th, 2006 03:58 pm (UTC)
haido pure

Forced smiles and fake laughter. I hate being fake... just me words!
I have msn, you want me to add ya? XD
dun ask why, but somehow it feels good to haer that Satoshi discovers more and more likings and is determind to make them his hobbies ( ^#)

Posted by: sumoboy (sumoboy)
Posted at: May 16th, 2006 09:09 pm (UTC)

Sure! add me! but I think ur day is my nite and my nite is ur day...err... whatever.. we'll work it out... ^ ^;

Posted by: r j00 teh nwe pimp l0rdz? (ryoko293)
Posted at: May 16th, 2006 09:55 pm (UTC)

well you have dream_raine, she is close XD
maybe we'll ba able to chat *was a bit confused about the day-night stuff, thought you were quoting a book* lol

Posted by: sumoboy (sumoboy)
Posted at: May 16th, 2006 10:33 pm (UTC)

now you sound like a professor.... ^ ^ whatever, I'm sure I will see u online...

Posted by: r j00 teh nwe pimp l0rdz? (ryoko293)
Posted at: May 17th, 2006 07:48 am (UTC)

prof? me? lol *sweatdrop*

Posted by: alkithilien (alkithilien)
Posted at: May 16th, 2006 04:08 pm (UTC)

haha I loved the interview. THX a lot :*!!! Ochan is just too sweet XDDD

I hope you will get to like your job a bit at least:} I would MSN with you but I spent whole days in my uni, and am on MSN only in the evenings :/

Posted by: sumoboy (sumoboy)
Posted at: May 16th, 2006 09:10 pm (UTC)

Its ok.. I guess one day I will start liking it... all it takes is just time...Thanks for the concern!

Posted by: Felicidad (kawaiino_)
Posted at: May 16th, 2006 09:19 pm (UTC)

ah I have MSN too

would you mind if I add you?

Posted by: sumoboy (sumoboy)
Posted at: May 16th, 2006 10:31 pm (UTC)

no problem, the more the better ne!!! ^ ^

Posted by: chillinpaprika (chillinpaprika)
Posted at: May 18th, 2006 02:45 am (UTC)

your workplace allow msn? cool!
my colleague once caught with it during work hours and get a damn warning.
hope you don't mind that i added you, i love reading your translation ^^

Posted by: sumoboy (sumoboy)
Posted at: May 18th, 2006 03:51 pm (UTC)
sho popolo june 01

sure. no problem!!

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