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sumoboy [userpic]

June 1st, 2006 (09:34 pm)

current mood: exhausted

What a long day... I am dead tired, got up at 6am and now its past 12am of the following day... went on a road trip to visit a Cheese Cold Storage Plant!!!! (o_0)
How interesting can that be?!! And I was stuck in the car with my boss. for six hours.... and he inisted on educating me about this singer named Neil Young.... this guy is a blast from the past.... my dad listens to Neil Young.. ack...and get this: my boss blasted Neil Young music for three straight hours.....Just one CD, over and over again.... I nearly went crazy... luckily I was sitting in the back seat, so when it got dark enough for him not to notice, I plugged in my ipod and counterblasted Arashi back ^____________^

Gosh, I think I am scarred for life,.... i don't think I can listen to Neil Young ever again........

But now my brain is fried, and I can't think, but as requested by Arwenna, Jun Style, 060527, here'sjust the WSS part:

This mail is from Yui-chan, 16 years old from sayama-shi.

Jun-kun, Konnichiwa. (Konnichiwa)
I have been learning dance for one month and we have completed one piece of work. THis month's topic is West Side Story. I am very happy that Arashi members were in the musical too.  West Side Story is difficult, so we are talking two months (mAy and june) to learn to do a 3 song medley.  We have done it only twice so far and the type of dance that we do, eg pop-dance,hip- hop etc is difficult and we totally cannot dance.  Arashi members can do a lot of good dancing, and I think you are fantastic. So, Jun-kun do you have any advice for me?.... this is the mail that came to me. yoroshikuonegaishimasu.

Sugoi... a 16 year old learn to dance and on top of that doing West~.  This is a great story.  Maybe she is watching the movie and learning the moves. So maybe you don't have any memory of West~ . So you have to learn the choreography.. What did we do when we did it? Well, there was this guy who was a dance sensei around.. West~ is a fantastic piece of work..There are only a few people who can play the characters and the same goes for the choreography.. it is said that there are only a few people in the world who can do it.  Without these people around, you cannot put on a production of West~ . From these people we received detailed advice,  so when we first started doing WEst~ Joey was not around.  We learnt from someone in Japan who was like an anuthority on the choreography  first but when Joey arrived, he went like " WRONG!!!" and started saying "NO!!" We were idiots right? The rehearsals were supposed to go on for three months and after two and half months, Joey arrived and starting saying "NO!!!" So what were we doing for two and a half months?!? Also for our acting, we were also told "NO!!' by JOey.. That was really what happened... But I thought that in the end the result was good....

What advice should I give?.... uhm....What is it?........................ I feel that you should Ganbare.... Try your best...フフフ。。。(laughs) that 's the only advice I can probably  give... ganbare... and also, the version of West~ that we did was slightly different from the movie, what we did was the butai version. And somehow, the way it is acted out varies from actor to actor.

For the movie version, it is filmed from the point of view of it being a movie and therefore the choreography is hard to understand when you watch it. But I thought that it was interesting. For me, I found the choreography interesting when I did it.   For musicals, I talked about it the other day, the songs in a musical, youwill dance and sing at the same time and usually you project the moods that you don't do normally. For example, there seem to be some keys in the music that normally does not appear. So those keys will only appear when they want to project more excitement in the mood. This is a given fact in this butai.  And conversely, someone has said that its a waste to have such a key appear in  the music where the mood is supposed to be dampened.  The work, WEst~ has really been analysed.  For example, in the song "Tonight" for the parts where the mood is suposed to be uplifted, and if you think that the songs for dance time are very difficult, and maybe during this time, you have to portray  your feelings thru ur dance and when you do it, it  becomes slightly different again.  So, this is what I find interesting about musicals. On top of this, this year, in Aug, the musical West~ is coming to japan right? At the bukanmura. Joey will also be directing it... everyone is looking forward to it.

I'm off to watch some thing that is just chicken soup for fried brains - A no Arashi!!!!


Posted by: arwennadives (arwennadives)
Posted at: June 1st, 2006 10:58 pm (UTC)

Sumoboy, domou arigatougozaimasu!!!! jun sure said a lot of stuff concerning WSS. i love WSS especially the song Tonight. i never realised they did so much practise for nothing until that Joey guy arrived. he must have drilled them really well to have them perfect their moves in the remaining time.

A no Arashi is indeed chicken soup for fried brains. *hugs*

Posted by: sumoboy (sumoboy)
Posted at: June 2nd, 2006 11:35 am (UTC)

^ ^ no problem...

Thank heavens for A for arashi!!!

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