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sumoboy [userpic]

October 4th, 2006 (10:42 pm)

current mood: crushed

No time, I wanted to translate the whole Arashi Concert Live Case Files 3X5 from the latest Popolo but I managed only Aiba-kun:

1)      Hearing ghostly sounds


I heard a voice that I shouldn’t have heard. It was a ghostly thing. But I’m not going to say which venue it was. (laughs)  I heard it during right in the middle of the concert, and at first I wasn’t sure what kind of voice it was. But apart from me, another member, MatsuJun, heard it too. And its not only the voice, there was someone who saw something that he shouldn’t be seeing. (laughs). But there was no impact on the show. (kowai~~~~)

(That was Nagoya. Jun mentioned this incident on his radio show too.)


2)      Paying close attention to one’s health when on stage


Case file No.2:  For this year’s concert, I paid particular attention to my health.  I am always drinking isotonic drinks on stage. I don’t know if it really has an effect, but just drinking it me makes me happy (laughs). But the drink on stages it naturally evolved from isotonic sports drink to mineral water. Suddenly I realised I was only drinking water. Seems like drinking water is good for your body.  Well, there were such changes going on.


3)      The number of times I ate increased


I ate a lot during the concerts. The number of times I ate increased and of course the amount that I ate also increased. But really, if the number of times you eat increase, its better that you eat in smaller amounts right?  During the days where there are concerts, I would eat like 4-5 times a day. There is mostly catering but I am often eating there. (laughs) And after the concerts, I would get hungry so I will go have supper. But becos I am always moving around on the stage, I don’t put on weight.

BANBI! from the Cat's Eye DVD...

I don't have to say anything else, but let the pics speak for themselves..... ^^

And one last pic that I find extremely extremely cute....(nothing to do with KCE)

I think its WALLACE from Wallace and Gromit.......^ ^


Posted by: claire (cluvy)
Posted at: October 4th, 2006 03:36 pm (UTC)

=D thanks for the translations! aiba is really cute!

anyway SHO!!!! OMG! he's just so cute and so hot. and the KISS! ahhhh~ sho just looks very very good=)

Posted by: Elaine Serena (moonprincess87)
Posted at: October 4th, 2006 03:39 pm (UTC)

Thank you for translating! And Sho looks good! (^_^)

Posted by: Pixie's LJ (creative title, huh?) (baby_pixie225)
Posted at: October 4th, 2006 05:10 pm (UTC)
sho 2

I love the last pic!! I laughed out loud in the library while standing by the computer terminal...

why are people giving me funny looks??

Posted by: divi (divid_chan)
Posted at: October 4th, 2006 05:44 pm (UTC)

hhmmm~ I wonder... XDDD

Posted by: sumoboy (sumoboy)
Posted at: October 5th, 2006 08:02 am (UTC)

I am laughing everything I see this pic too and I am in the office now...... and colleagues are giving me strange looks.... XD

Posted by: piNk drAgON (baka_power)
Posted at: October 4th, 2006 05:54 pm (UTC)

thx for the translation! pls do other members too!!!!
and omg!
the kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: miss m (renrui)
Posted at: October 4th, 2006 06:42 pm (UTC)

he was SO terrified in that GnA.. >_< but he tried!

Posted by: yumenoko (yumenoko)
Posted at: October 4th, 2006 06:48 pm (UTC)

Bambi picspam = love!!!!! Thanks for brightening my otherwise stressful day with these!

Seems like drinking water is good for your body
*hands Aiba the "Stating the Obvious" Award* LOL!!!!

Posted by: sumoboy (sumoboy)
Posted at: October 5th, 2006 12:34 pm (UTC)
Sakumiya Dancing

A dose of Arashi a day definitely keeps stress levels down.. and endorphine levels up.... ^^

Its like being on a permanent high!!

Posted by: lucky sunday (senbonsakura)
Posted at: October 5th, 2006 12:18 pm (UTC)

Much love to you.. especially the last pic :P (It made my mum come into my rooma and stare -_-;;)

Posted by: 「DUNADAN」 (xanderave)
Posted at: October 5th, 2006 04:45 pm (UTC)

That last pic - I was laughing at Kachang laughing at the picture XD

Posted by: sironimo (sironimo)
Posted at: October 9th, 2006 11:12 am (UTC)

Oh i allready read someting about that Ghost story in the midle of a live...that's... very very strange!!!!

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